a.Registration of documents, related to recruitment of workers ,issued by The Employer Power of with the Protector of Emigrants.(Governmental Institution)
b.Short-Listing of suitable candidates, already registered with our offices and advertisement of vacancies in the News Papers if required.
c.Scrutinizing of applications.
d.Interviewing of candidates by our experts in different fields.
e.Trade Testing.
f.Medical Examination.
g.Final selection according to the required specifications of The Employer.
h.Signing of Foreign Service Agreement. (See Sample Under Title “Documentation”)
i.Visa endorsement by respective Embassies (Not in all cases) by registering the Authority Letter. (See Sample Under Title “Documentation”)
j.Obtaining of insurance policies.
k.Providing of Uniform with the name and logo of Employer.
l.Purchasing of Air Tickets and reservation of seats according to agreed schedule.
mInforming Employers for arriving schedule of their workers.
 Usually it takes 30 to 45 days but it also depends upon the quantity , specifications of categories required and Schedules given by The Employer
 undertakings are provided to replace any worker who fails medically or trade wise during the probation period of 90 days after the deployment of workers.
 Under this title we wecome those who desire to get only their visas processed through us for nominated persons. For such services we would charge a very reasonable fee gagainst each visa to be processed through us. Exact quotations for the fees to be charged c sfscan??….to be discussed made after having known the quantity of visas, Port of Embarkation/Disembarkation, concerned Visa Consulate Office etc.


1. Payment of Air Passage money from the worker’s point of origin to any Airport selected by the Employer. (Negotiable)
2. Payment of services charges. (Negotiable)
3. Provision of necessary documents pertaining recruitment of workers like Power of Attorney, Demand Letter and Authority Letter etc.(Samples of these documents are provided Under Title “Documentation”)
4. Obligations of Foreign Service Agreement as mentioned in its Sample under SDFTitle “Documentation”)